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As of 2018 we have the following sponsor categories:



We are now part of Bravo!

For more information: post@bravostavanger.no 



Amounts in this category includes logo on all marketing material, ads and website (where suitable/expedient)

1. 200.000: includes 40 festival tickets.

2. 250.000: includes 50 festival tickets.

3. 300.000: includes 60 festival tickets.

The category is also available for private persons.


Medspillere (Co-musicians):

Companies that deliver goods/services for free or heavily discounted.

All get their name/logo under Medspillere in marketing material and ads. Type of reciprocity is individually negotiable.


Main sponsor:

Contribution of at least 350.000 per year over a minimum of 3 years.


How do you support?


Katrine Lilleland
Managing director
+47 9326 8993