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Ticket information

Ticket booths: Stavanger Concert hall +47 51 53 70 00, kammermusikkfestivalen.no and www.tix.no.  Ticket sale in the festival office in Comfort Square hotel in Løkkeveien , from 3.8.18, 3. + 4.8. 10.00 - 18.00, 5. - 9.8. 10.00 - 21-00, 10. + - 18.30.


Opening hours: Stavanger Concert hall: Monday 10 - 16, Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 19, Saturday: 11 - 16


Tickets can be purchased in the venue entrance if there are available seats.

The doors open ca. 20 - 30 minutes before the concert starts. Reserved tickets must be collected at the ticket office in Stavanger Concert hall or at the Festival office in Comfort Hotel Square well in advance.

Note that payment with bank issued card at Utstein monastery can be tricky. We recommend using cash.

International credit/debit cards may not be accepted except for at the Festival office and Stavanger Concert hall.


Price categories
Numbered seats are split into two categories, usually front and back.

Students with a valid student card may purchase tickets for free seating/lowest price category for NOK 100 at all concerts.

Please be aware that free seating at Utstein monastery have restricted or no view.


Chamber comfort

Are you tired of hurrying off to a concert to secure a good seat? For concerts with free seating we offer a limited number of reserved seats close to the stage for a small fee of NOK 50 per ticket. These tickets are only available for pre-purchase and will not be available at the door. With these tickets you just need to show up no later than 5 minutes before the concert starts and you will still be seated at the front. We reserve the right to offer available seats to other members of the audience when the concert starts.


Student prices

We offer student prices at all our concerts. For a mere NOK 100 you get access to the free seating area at all venues. Student tickets can be purchased at Stavanger Concert hall, www.tix.no, kammermusikkfestivalen.no or at the Festival office (from 4 August).


Transport to Utstein Kloster

Book free transport while booking your concert ticket.  The coach leaves Stavanger bus terminal 9 August at 19.00.  Have you already bought tickets, but nok booked a seat on the bus? On kammermusikkfestivalen.no you can book bus transport under the tab Tickets.  Bus must be booked by 07 August.


Group bookings

We are happy to accept group bookings. Contact us at festivalkontor@gmail.com for more information and booking.


Special user needs

Audience members with special needs are asked to contact the Festival office or ticket personell at the venue some time in advance.